Pizza Is Life

The texture, the aroma, the flavors...that heighten your senses. It's not complicated, it's pizza!
Here's a contemporary look at the living history of one of the world's most popular foods. From Neapolitan to New York style, including some notable favorites of mine along the way. Salute!

I'm grateful to have experienced the legendary Neapolitan style pizza while traveling through Italy.

Living in Chicago, I embraced Lou Malnati's Deep Dish style...but I grew up on New York style pizza, and there is NOTHING better!

My favorite pie in New Jersey, Rudy's Pizzeria, deserves some love, too ;)

Honorable mention goes to my friend, Billy Jacobs, who introduced me to New Haven style at Piece Pizzeria, a welcome reprieve from all the Deep Dish in Chi-Town.

Stayin' Alive: John Travolta enjoying a couple slices of New York style pizza to the Bee Gees.