Massive Attack Meets Banksy

The ground-breaking UK band, Massive Attack, are re-issuing their classic album, Mezzanine on April 19th. Mezzanine, a Trip Hop and Dub mas...


Passport Radio Expands Programming!

The 24/7 Downbeat/Dub radio station has expanded programming and now includes; "Arrivals and Departures" w/ host Jon Coats of Canartic, followed by "Passport" w/ host Architektur (Burning Bowl), "Black Box" (feat: the latest releases), and "From Brixton To Kingston" (feat: three generations of Dub). Passport also features exclusive interviews with members of Gotan Project, Thievery Corporation, G-Stone Recordings, Compost Records, Klein Records and The Supreme Beings Of Leisure & Bitter:Sweet, among others.

For more information visit:
Passport Radio

Visual Stimulation...

Horace Andy et Ashley Beedle live @ Grandcrewpointcom
Ashley Beedle w/ Horace Andy - Live in Paris, FR

Linton Kewsi Johnson - Live in Brussels, BE

General Elektriks live @ La Maroquinerie, Paris by Grandcrewpointcom
General Elektriks - Live in Paris, FR

The latest from Tosca - Springer

Prepare The Prime Directive

With our ever-expanding Universe, it's no wonder we're seeing actual UFO's on television.

...and some music for your journey


New Massive Attack EP!

"Lead track 'Splitting The Atom' features D, G and Horace Andy, while TV On The Radio frontman Tunde Adebimpe guests on 'Pray For Rain'. The EP also has remixes of two new tracks. 'Psyche' featuring Martina Topley-Bird mixed by Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid, while the Guy Garvey fronted 'Bulletproof Love' is stripped back to a minimalist reworking by Christoff Berg.

Exclusive play of 'Splitting The Atom' on Radio 1 tonight - Zane Lowe has picked it as his 'Hottest Record In the World Ever' and will play it in his show tonight.

The band will release their fifth studio album in February 2010. This time around sees collaborations with Damon Albarn, Hope Sandoval, Martina Topley-Bird, Guy Garvey and Tunde Adebimpe. More news on this soon..."

Info provided by Massive Attack


Retro Is The Future...

"Brazilian filmmaker Bruno Natal is the director of Dub Echoes, a documentary about the history of Jamaican dub music and its influence on contemporary electronic music. Featured musicians include Lee “Scratch” Perry, King Jammy, Sly & Robbie, U-Roy, Kode 9, Mad Professor, Howie B, Bill Laswell and many more!"

Thanks to Nutriot for the link.

A classic from the legendary comedy duo Cheech & Chong:


Voices inside my Dread

For fans of the Police, The English Beat & Dub music, this new album entitled Dubxanne released on the German label Echo Beach should elevate your listening experience to the highest heights.

The Police catalog has been re-recorded in a Dub construct and features The Beat's Rankin' Roger, among others.

'There is so much crap out there'

Check out this killer interview with Kruder & Dorfmeister from 2007. They discuss the state of independent music (along with some interview clips with Kraak & Smaak) and tell it like it is.

Thanks to Jam Base for the link

No hassles...just chill

Tosca, featuring Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber, have a new record out called No Hassle. Definitely Tosca, but in a much more ambient vibe. Check out their latest single, "My First"

Also, if you are in Europe this summer, you can check out Tosca performing live HERE


Surfing the Danube...

A September release date has been scheduled for the upcoming album by the Sofa Surfers!

Mixing at the studio (2008)

In the meantime, you can whet your appetite with a live performance of their triple private eye film score, Brenner...

...or check out the classic, "Dundy Lion" from founding Sofa member, Markus Kienzl (feat. Paul St. Hilaire) now featured on the video game, Midnight Club - Los Angeles (PS3/Xbox 360)

"It's a process of quantifying our ignorance"

of Earth-like planets host potentially thousands of intelligent civilizations. "Not only are they probably habitable but they probably are also going to be inhabited" says Dr Alan Boss of the Carnegie Institution of Science.


Si Junior

Now available for pre-order in the UK, Royksopp's 3rd full-length release, "Junior"!

While you wait (release date March 23rd), you can
download the track "Happy Birthday" for free

Dub, South American Style...

Over the past few years, Christoph Mueller of Gotan Project has a been composing new music for his side project, Radio Kijada. Similar to the Tango inspired Dub vibe that you have come to expect from Gotan, but in a Peruvian style.

Also, tune in to part 1 of the exclusive interview with Christoph on Passport Radio.

The Future in 4.0...a global concierge

Want to get away? Discover some of the hippest destinations in the world with tons of links, reviews & chatter about these international locales at the new 4.0 version of superfuture


I Got's To Know

My posts will primarily be about Music, particularly Downbeat & Dub, the Universe and of course, Baked Goods. Also, you can visit my website Lounge Productions, which features more than 300 Downbeat & Dub links; including radio stations, record labels and music resources, plus Passport Radio interviews & archived playlists! So, if you got's to know more about "Downtempo" music, check out Lounge Productions.

Passport Radio offers exclusive interviews with members of internationally recognized "Downbeat" artists including; Gotan Project, Thievery Corporation, Uptight Productions & The Supreme Beings Of Leisure.

Resistance Is Futile...

Norway's Xploding Plastix (Beatservice Records) have a new release out entitled, "Treated Timber Resists Rot". I was fortunate to receive this release in advance and have grown to love this disc over the past few months. The "NuJazz" outfit have produced a beautiful, fresh, and clever album. Reminiscent of the energy of early, early Cure. Pure madness!

Currently, the disc is only available as an import, but you can download their latest in it's entirety at Amazon or on iTunes! Also, if your unfamiliar with their music, check out their Discography.


2 'Heads' are better than 1...

Portishead topped many "Best Of 2008" lists with their long awaited release, Third. UK contemporaries, Radiohead pay tribute to Portishead with a cover of my favorite track from the album,"The Rip":

Thanks to Passport Radio for the link.

Also, Radiohead has just announced that Kraftwerk (minus co-founder Florian Schneider) will join their 2009 tour of Latin America, which begins in March.