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The ground-breaking UK band, Massive Attack, are re-issuing their classic album, Mezzanine on April 19th. Mezzanine, a Trip Hop and Dub mas...


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The Top 101 Downtempo Albums of All-Time 
[ A 20 Year Retrospective 1990 | 2010 ]

Curated By: Architektur [Passport Radio] & A Guy Called Gary [Guidance Recordings]

Kruder & Dorfmeister  The K&D Sessions  1998 [2CD]
Massive Attack  Blue Lines  1991
Tricky  Maxinquaye  1995
Tosca  Suzuki  2000
Portishead  Dummy  1994
Gotan Project  La Revancha Del Tango  2000
Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band  A Special Album  2003
Kruder & Dorfmeister  G-Stoned  1993
Nightmares On Wax  Smokers Delight  1995
Yonderboi  Shallow And Profound  2000
Massive Attack  Protection  1994 [2CD]
Thievery Corporation  The Mirror Conspiracy  2000
Kinobe  Soundphiles  2000
Jazzanova  The Singles Collection  1997-2000
Fila Brazillia  Maim That Tune  1995
Tosca  Opera  1997
Peace Orchestra  Peace Orchestra  1999
Thievery Corporation  Sounds From The Thievery Hi-Fi  1996 | 1999 [2 versions]
Xploding Plastix  Amateur Girlfriends Go Proskirt Agents  2001
dZihan & Kamien  Freaks & Icons  2000

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21 Boozoo Bajou  Satta  2001
Portishead  Portishead  1997
Quantic  The 5th Exotic  2001
Lemon Jelly  2000
The Dining Rooms  Numero Deux  2001 [Guidance version]
Urbs  Toujours Le Même Film...  2005
AIR  Premiers Symptomes  1997
United Future Organization  Now And Then  1990-1997 [2CD]
Pressure Drop  Food Of Love  1990-2003 [2CD]
Royksopp  Melody A.M.  2001
DJ Bootsie  The Silent Partner  2004
Tosca  Dehli 9  2003 [2CD]
Bent  Programmed To Love  2000
Mr. Scruff  Keep It Unreal  1999
Waldeck  Northern Lights  1996
Karma  Thrillseekers  1999
Sofa Surfers  Cargo  1999
David Holmes  Let's Get Killed  1997
Air  Moon Safari  1997
Quantic  One Off's, Remixes and B Sides  2006 [2CD]

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41 Massive Attack V Mad Professor  No Protection  1995
Walkner.Mostl  Heaven Or Hell  2000
Bitter:Sweet  The Mating Game  2006
Tipsy  Trip Tease - The Seductive Sounds Of Tipsy  1996
Bonobo  Animal Magic  2000
Karminsky Experience Inc.  The Power Of Suggestion  2003
Bazille Noir  Bazille Noir  2001
Funki Porcini  Hed Phone Sex  1995 [2CD]
Thievery Corporation  Abductions and Reconstructions  1999
DJ Cam  Mad Blunted Jazz  1996 [2CD]
Solid Doctor  How About Some Ether [Collected Works 93-95] [2CD]
dZihan & Kamien  Gran Riserva  2002
MUM  The Szabotnik 15 Mission  2002
Minus 8  Elysian Fields  2000
The Dining Rooms  Tre  2003
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System  Dub Voyage  2000
Fila Brazillia  Luck Be A Weirdo Tonight  1997
Up, Bustle And Out  Master Sessions 2  2001
General Electrics  Cliquety Kliqk  2003
Bent  The Everlasting Blink  2003

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61 Rob Smith Meets Henry & Louis  Time Will Tell [Dub]  2005
Parov Stelar  Seven & Storm  2005
Boozoo Bajou  Remixes  2003
Tosca  J.A.C.  2005
Seelenluft  Synchronschwimmer EP  2001
The Bush Chemists  Light Up Your Spliff  1996
Amon Tobin  Bricolage  1997
Thievery Corporation  The Richest Man In Babylon  2002
Waldeck  Ballroom Stories  2007
Organic Grooves  Black Cherry  2002
MUM ‎ Mum  2000
International Observer  From The Dungeons Of Dub  2010
Jon Kennedy  We're Just Waiting For You Now  2001
Luke Vibert | BJ Cole  Stop The Panic  1999
Noiseshaper ‎ King Size Dub Special  2001-2009
Sofa Surfers  Transit  1997
Karma  Pad Sounds  1997
Bonobo  Dial 'M' For Monkey  2003
UKO  UKO  2001
J-Walk  A Night On The Rocks  2002

❑  ❑  ❑

81 Zero 7  Simple Things  2001
Goldfrapp  Felt Mountain  2000
Seelenluft  The Rise And Fall Of Silvercity-Bob  2000
Visit Venus  The Endless Bummer  1998
Count Basic  The Peter Kruder | Richard Dorfmeister Remixes  2001
Mo'Horizons  Come Touch The Sun  1999
Ursula 1000  The Now Sound Of Ursula 1000  1998
Gerd  High, Wide and Wonderful!  2001
Troublemakers  Doubts & Convictions  2000
Nightmares On Wax  Carboot Soul  1999
Dubphonic  Smoke Signals  2003
The Butch Cassidy Sound System  Butches Brew  2004
Howie B.  Music For Babies  1996
Baby Mammoth  Best Foot Forward  2001
Waxolutionists  Counter Fight  2004
45 Dip  The Acid Lounge  2000
Waldeck  Balance Of The Force  1998
A Forest Mighty Black  Mellowdramatic  1998
Leggo Beast  From Here To G  2000
Yonderboi  Rough And Rare  2001
101 Easy Star All-Stars  Dubber Side Of The Moon  2010

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A brief history...of how two long-time agent provocateurs from Chicago, collaborated to compile the greatest Downtempo "Best Of" list of all-time!

❒ A Guy Called Gary: Guidance Recordings label DJ and A&R. Compiled Hi:Fidelity Lounge 3 & Hi:Fidelity Lounge 4, as well as, Hi:Fidelity Dub Sessions 4, Destination:Chicago [Japan], and Mundial Muzique 2. A Guy Called Gary has DJ'd along side "Downtempo" luminaries; Gilles Peterson, DJ Cam, Blue States, DJ Oil [Troublemakers], DJ Ender [Nuspirit Helsinki], along with maintaining residencies in cities from Chicago to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico...

Chill to the latest installment of  Hi:Fidelity Lounge

❒ Architektur: Est. 2000 | Lounge Productions, Burning Bowl Records, & Passport Radio [WRUW, KOOP, WXDU]. Exclusive interviews with members of Gotan Project, G-Stone & Thievery Corporation. "Big up to Architektur, the man behind the great 'Musik for Film' compilation, this cd is a must-have for every downbeat | chilled dub fan, great stuff!!" - FM Brussels. Wire Magazine described Architektur's album, Travelogue, as 'Meat Beat Manifesto collides with Shorty Rogers' | ★★★★1/2, #1 KPFA, #5 Dub - Juno [UK], and aired on BBC, FM4, KCRW...

Tune in to the Finest in Downbeat & Dub on  Passport Radio

For clarity...there are many artists that we adore, and additional releases by the "Top 101" artists, who ultimately didn't make this list. Gary & I compiled artists who helped define the "Downtempo" sound. We made a concerted effort to capture, recognize, and encompass the origins, and evolution of this genre. We also highlighted certain LP's as more genre defining of the sound, and gave them preferential treatment over other releases when ultimately ranking. Overall, this list was compiled by two individuals who share a love and a passion for the Downbeat | Dub sound.  Peace.

Most notably...Dub music is underserved. Mainly, because the genre has, and deserves it's own rankings [The Top 125], but we would be remiss if we omitted Dub in it's entirety. Especially, given that King Tubby's innovated genius permeates throughout the entire spectrum of "Downtempo" music...  Give thanks & praise!

Honorable mention: To all the labels who helped elevate this sound through their influential compilations. Collections that featured the many tastemakers...who helped expose us to the tracks that would emerge into classics.Renowned labels that produced these compilations include: Compost, Stereo Deluxe, Guidance, Echo Beach, Vienna Scientists, Tru Thoughts, Mole Listening Pearls, Mo'Wax, Spray, Pussyfoot, Musicpark, ESL, Uptight, !K7, and Ninja Tune, among many others... 

Special shout-out to...Boards Of Canada, Bobby Hughes, Ian Simmonds AKA Juryman, Alex Cortiz, Uptight People | Uptight Sound System, Snooze, I:Cube, Nuspirit Helsinki, The Deadbeats, Kosma, Dubblestandart, [Dunkelbunt], On-U Sound, Merck, Cheap and Thrill Jockey.

Concept & Design by:  LoungeProductions


Top 40 Downbeat & Dub tracks of 2019!

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