Massive Attack Meets Banksy

The ground-breaking UK band, Massive Attack, are re-issuing their classic album, Mezzanine on April 19th. Mezzanine, a Trip Hop and Dub mas...


Radio Transmission

Passport Radio is celebrating 5 years of broadcasting!

Tune in 24/7 to the finest in Downbeat, Dub, Headz, NuJazz... featuring hosts Architektur (Burning Bowl), Jon Coats of Canartic (Dank Disk) & Satta Transport Soundsystem. Passport Radio features artists like Kruder and Dorfmeister, The Orb, Pressure Drop, Sofa Surfers, Mad Professor, Ralph Myerz, Massive Attack, dZihan & Kamien, Yonderboi, Seefeel, Mark Stewart, Nightmares On Wax, Red Snapper, Adrian Sherwood, DJ Bootsie, Tosca, Xploding Plastix, and so much more ... Also, check out their interviews, including members of Gotan Project, Thievery Corporation, Canartic, Compost, G-Stone, Klein, Bastard Jazz, and Quango Records, among others.

  • Playlists & Interviews
  • 6.15.2010

    DownLOADED (Deluxe Edition)

    Michael Rose of Black Uhuru & Twilight Circus Dub Sound System

    Roots Manuva

    Sofa Surfers

    DJ DSL Feat: Urbs (G-Stone '16 F#*king Years' video)

    Anima Sound System

    Peter Kruder (G-Stone) Interview

    Free Downloads

  • Gotan Project - La Gloria

  • Ninja Tune - XX Year Celebration (Various)

  • Dubmission Records - 15 Year Celebration (Various)

  • See-I - Why Not Tonight?

  • Natural Self - Feelin'

  • More BeatImprint Free DownLOADS

  • iPacman

    Video iCade

    Turn your iPad into a video arcade with the iCade and celebrate 30 years of Pac Man.

    ...or try one of my favorite classic video games



    Here Comes The Sun...

    NASA/Stereo footage of the Sun

    The first public release of images from the satellite record huge explosions and great looping prominences of gas. "It's like looking at the details of our star through a microscope". Here is the BBC report w/ additional footage of the Sun.

    Paul McCartney live w/ NASA footage


    Muffins...In Dub

    The Legendary King Tubby

    Martha & The Muffins - Echo Beach (Dub mix)



    One of the most underrated artists of the "Downbeat" genre:

    Pressure Drop "Silently Bad Minded" (One Eye Records-UK)

    Pressure Drop "Warrior Sound"

    Free Downloads

  • Bonobo "Eyesdown (Warrior One Remix)"

  • Zagar "Prophet Is A Fool"

  • 40 Winks "Destination, My Imagination"

  • Sola Rosa "Del Ray"

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    Muffin TV

    Muffin Music

    Amon Tobin - Easy Muffin

    Frank Zappa - Muffin Man


    Opening Daze

    For over 150 years, Spring gives Baseball fans hope that this is their team's year. In preparation for the season, player training regiments vary and the occasional substance is used to help give them an "edge". Historically, few players reveal what they have used, be it steroids, creatine, amphetamines, etc. Well, the following athletes open up years later on what helped fuel some of their more memorable performances. No, not hang-over influenced heroics by Babe Ruth or Mickey Mantle, but stoner, Acid induced remarkable and improbable outcomes.

    Dock Ellis pitches a No-Hitter on LSD

    The Red Sox's Bernie Carbo describes how he hit a World Series game-tying 3 run homer whiled stoned, Mets 'legend', Chico Escuela talks about Marijuana reform, and of course, the most infamous baked Red Sox, Bill "Spaceman" Lee.

    Lastly, in the most progressive move to date, the state of California has put Marijuana legalization on the ballot for November, which should appeal to San Francisco's, Tim Linecum.


    Classic Treats

    Chocolate Banana Bread Muffins

    Rustic European Breads

    Blueberry Coffee Cake Muffins

    Chewy Ginger Cookies w/ Lemon Cream Filling

    Stuffed Breads (Chocolate, PB&J, Fruit, Cheese, etc.)


    15th Century Trip-Hop...

    New Sofa Surfers LP,
    Blindside available today!

    Also stay tuned for new releases by Gotan Project (April 19th) and the Joan of Arc Soundtrack featuring members of Portishead & Goldfrapp!

    Here is a little teaser from
    Gotan Project

    Free Downloads:

  • Jah Love Recording's - 2010 Sampler

  • Jinx in dub - Bucky don dub

  • Download links courtesy of
    Passport Radio


    Milky Way time lapse video

    Virtual video of the Candor Chasma canyon on Mars

    Sounds like the intro to an old joke...BBC reports that 'a Belgian, two Frenchmen and a Colombian-Italian' have agreed to be locked away in steel containers for a maddening 18 months to simulate a mission to Mars.
    Full Story

    Also, check out these amazing photos of the Mars moon, Phobos! The Link also shows the proposed landing sites for the forthcoming Phobos-Grunt Russian mission in 2011.

    Thanks to the Huffington Post for the link


    M & M's Are The New Sachertorte

    Makossa & Megablast (G-Stone) are offering their track "Porque (feat: Cleydys Villalon)" for free Download! You can also catch M & M broadcasting every week live from FM4 in Vienna on the Swound Sound radio show.

    Tru Dat

    New Hint (Tru Thoughts) video

    Tru Thoughts is now celebrating their 10 year anniversary! The UK label is also providing the exclusive soundtrack for the new iPhone game, X2 Snowboarding. Check out Tru Thoughts artists, The Bamboos as they share some 'home movies' featuring behind-the-scenes in both their lives & in the Studio.


    Neo Wave

    The return of New Wave...

    The classic "Gangsters" by The Specials

    Several former "New Wave" artists have revitalized their careers by reuniting, recording & touring with their old band mates. Recently, The Specials released a 30th anniversary tour 2DVD set available
    HERE. Also, check out the latest by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, including this free download of the Neo Wave classic, Sister Marie Says from their upcoming album, The History Of Modern! Also, available is Shatter The Hotel: A Dub Inspired Tribute To Joe Strummer, celebrating the 30 year anniversary of "London Calling" and benefiting, Strummerville: The Joe Strummer Foundation For New Music.


    Get Up On The Downbeat

    New Markus Kienzl feat. Oddateee

    New free downloads are now available by
    Scheibosan & Emu and Fort Knox Five! Also, stay tuned for the new Sofa Surfers album "Blindside" and the "No Hassle" remix album "Pony" coming this spring!

    Air on Tour in North America:

    3/13 - Miami - Fillmore
    3/14 - Orlando - Hard Rock Live
    3/15 - Atlanta - Centerstage
    3/17 - Washington D.C. - 9:30 Club
    3/18 - Philadelphia - Electric Factory
    3/19 - New York - Terminal 5
    3/20 - Boston - Berklee Performance Center
    3/22 - Montreal - Metropolis
    3/23 - Toronto – Phoenix Concert Theatre
    3/24 - Chicago - Riviera Theatre
    3/26 - Oakland - Fox Theatre
    3/27 - San Diego - 4th & B
    3/28 - Los Angeles - Walt Disney Concert Hall

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    Beyond Earth, Beyond The Universe...

    Hubble telescope video of Saturn's aurorae

    "The aurora images captured by the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) were made possible by a rare chance to see the planet with its rings edge-on and both poles in view. It takes Saturn almost 30 years to orbit the Sun, and during that time such a picture opportunity occurs only twice." Story courtesy of the Daily Mail

    NASA image of surface plumes on Saturn's moon, Enceladus

    "Immanuel Kant declared in 1781 that space and time were real, but only indeed as properties of the mind. These algorithms are not only the key to consciousness, but why space and time − indeed the properties of matter itself - are relative to the observer." But a new theory by Robert Lanza, called
    Biocentrism 'suggests that space and time may not be the only tools that can be used to construct reality.'


    Massive Download!

    Massive Attack "Splitting The Atom"

    Nearly seven years since their last LP, Massive Attack released "Heligoland" today! Their latest album features a couple of vocal mainstays, Martina Topley-Bird & Horace Andy, as well as, the customary limited edition Vinyl & iTunes bonus tracks. Visit their "Tweatre" site for more videos (exclusively through Twitter) & music links. Also, you can download "Girl I Love You (She is Danger Remix)" free on Soundcloud, HERE.

    Some additional downloads worth checking out:

  • Dub Gabriel Feat: U-Roy (Remixed by The Subatomic Sound System)

  • Groove Armada - Shameless Feat. Bryan Ferry

  • Cayetano - The Pakistan LP

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    Next Stop, Planet Earth...

    BBC reports that the 'chance of discovering life on other worlds is greater than ever', calling it a "a mathematical certainty". Britain's leading astronomer. Lord Rees, the president of the Royal Society and Astronomer Royal, says 'such a discovery would be a moment which would change humanity.' Hopefully, to expedite this change, we're discovered first...if we haven't been already.
    Watch the BBC interview


    Classic Psychedelic Flashback

    The Beatles - Rain

    Chilled Beats

    40 Winks (Project: Mooncircle) - Rap About That (Smoke and Mirrors)

    Waxolutionists (Sunshine Enterprises) - A Stranger's World

    Praguedren (Dank Disk) - Wow and Flutter (Phasing Dub Mix)

    K & D - Q & A

    Classic Kruder & Dorfmeister Footage

    Richard Dorfmeister & Rupert Huber of Tosca discuss their music in this Electronic Beats
    Interview and the latest Properly Chilled Podcast.



    Burning Bowl Records artists, Scheibosan & Sugar B present their recent Dub Club set for free Download. Also, All India Radio (Burning Bowl / Minty Fresh) is offering 'remixes, alt versions, and favourite album tracks' from "Once A Day" for Download.

  • Download the new DJ Bootsie track, Call Mr. Prozac (Live in Szeged, Hungary 6/09) - Courtesy of BBE/Ugar Records

  • Download the new Portishead track Chase the Tear for Amnesty International.

  • Check out this Reggae/Dub Mix by Dunkelbunt (Etage Noir)

  • (Thanks to
    Passport Radio for the Portishead, DJ Bootsie & Dunkelbunt Links)

    Once In A Millennium

    The longest solar eclipse of the millennium.

    The record-breaking eclipse, lasted 11 minutes, 8 seconds and will be the longest annular eclipse until December 23, 3043. View video HERE & HERE